CCV Bucket list #1-6

In case you missed them, here's a rundown of locations #1-6 on the CCV Bucket List. Hop in that van, disregard hygiene, and go see the world (but especially these six wonders):

1. Wheeler Geologic Area, CO

Explore this natural wonder hidden in the Eastern San Juan Mountains of Colorado. Visit for a secluded day hike or overnight backpacking excursion in geologic Narnia-land, and combine it with a trip to the Sand Dunes for a full Southern Colorado adventure.

Wheeler Geologic Area

2. Tioga Pass, CA

Take the back way into Yosemite National Park for a journey through remote wilderness that parallels Yosemite Valley itself. Hit it while it's open between May and November, and make sure to work in time to camp and hike instead of just passing through. Just wait until sunset for beauty that will make you drool all over yourself.