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General FAQ's

How can I get on your schedule?

In a phone conversation, we can generate a detailed quote and send to you via email.  We require a 50%, non-refundable deposit to secure a spot in our schedule.  If the finer details of the quote change between paying a deposit and the final build, but it is wise to get on our schedule to meet your timing needs. 

What are your payment terms?

Projects or items less than $5,000:      Payment in full at time of scheduling work.

Projects from $5,000 to $15,000:          50% at  scheduling, balance at vehicle pickup.* 

Projects over $15,000:                            50% down, 25% at vehicle drop off,  balance at vehicle pick up.*

Note that deposits are not refundable.

* All balance is due at vehicle pickup or 5 business days after completion of work, whichever is sooner.

Do you offer financing on builds?

We have partnered with Trident Funding to now offer financing on your van builds.

Click the link to see if you qualify!

Do you warranty your work?

You can find a copy of our warranty here.

When is your next opening?

Pop Tops

We can normally get your project started in 6-8 weeks. We need the vehicle for 2 full weeks.



We can normally get your interior project started in 12-14 weeks and will need your vehicle for 4 weeks.

Can I take a tour of Colorado Campervan's place?

We'd love to show you our place!  Please set up an appointment a few days (week or so is better) and we can give you an idea of what projects we are working on.  We don't have a showroom or standard vans, so what you see will depend on our current project but you can be certain we are putting on pop tops any time you stop by.  The best times for a tour are M-Th after 3PM when production is complete for the day, or Fridays between 9 and 2.

Pop Top FAQs

We can put a pop top on almost any vehicle

We have standard pop tops for any of these...

Ford Transit 

118 All Roof Heights

130 All Roof Heights

148 All Roof Heights


118  All Roof Heights

136 All Roof Heights

159 All Roof Heights

159EL All Roof Heights


Regular Body

Extended Body

    Sportsmobile Top Replacement

    Depending on model of the van

Nissan NV

Low Roof

High Roof

Euro Van (Winnebago)

Replacement top and tent material


144 All Roof Heights

170 All Roof Heights

Ford E Series

Regular Body

Extended Body

(two pop top shell

heights available)


Regular Body

Extended Body


Special Tops

We can make tops for nearly any vehicle. Prices starting at $21,840.  We have put special tops on Hummers, Range Rovers, Ford Service Body vans, Busses....

Do It Yourself Pop top kits: available for Ford E Series, Transit, Sprinter & Promaster

DIY pop top kits are available and start at 10% off the cost of our standard tops.

DIY kits are FOB from our dock (you arrange shipping from Loveland, Colorado to you.)

Kits are complete and pre-wired, but are recommended only for highly mechanically inclined installers.

Kits require no welding, but cutting metal, de-burring and other general mechanical tasks.

How long does it take for a pop top to be installed?

Most pop tops require the vehicle to be in our shop a minimum of two weeks while interior projects require 4-5 weeks.  Additional build-outs may require additional time. 

How much height will a pop top add to my vehicle?

The height of our pop tops vary based upon the vehicle and options such as fans, air conditioning, and roof racks. Pop top height ranges from 12-24 inches and options could add as much as another 18 inches. A van with a pop top will not fit into a standard garage. 

How much weight can the bed support

We use bed boards made from 1/2" plywood with a metal reinforced long side.  The bed area can support over 600# of distributed load.  One person weighting  just over 200 pounds, sitting on the edge of one bed board, centered between the sides, will begin to create a bow in the board.

How much does the pop top system weigh?

While the exact weight will vary depending on the make and model of the van, a system will weight between 300 and 400#'s.

How high above the bed is the top when it is up?

Colorado Campervan beds are the largest you can get.  The interior height is 40", from bed top to pop top, and the bed size is roughly 50" wide and 78" long, depending on the make and model of the vehicle.  That makes it about the width of a double and the length of a super-king.

Will adding a pop top void my warranty?

According to the Magnuson-Moss Act, adding an aftermarket part to a vehicle cannot void a warranty that involves a part of the vehicle not impacted by the addition of the pop top.  The burden of proof is on the auto manufacturer to prove that any work done on the vehicle had a direct impact on the item in the warranty that is problematic.

Can you put a pop top on a passenger van with side curtain air bags?

Yes, we can (as long as it is one of the vehicles listed above).  Side curtain air bags present some limitations if we are doing an interior conversion, but otherwise we keep them in place and active.

Which van do you recommend for a conversion or pop top?

The best van is the one you like to drive.  Generally speaking, a Transit will drive most like a car, and the Sprinter most like a truck.  Think about how you will be using it.  Only certain models can be 4x4 converted.  2 WD Transits are RWD only, while Promasters are FWD.  Each has its own interior height, wheel bases and cargo bay length.  Give us a call and we can learn more about your specific wants and we can provide guidance.  If you are planning on an interior conversion, we prefer an empty vehicle, and note that passenger vans can present some limitations due to side curtain air bags.

My van has a rooftop AC in the ceiling, how do you handle that?

A lot depends on the unit you have and the electrical system of your van.  In the case of Sprinters with the large AC unit on top, we cannot re-purpose that unit on a pop top.

What is included with the base price of the pop top?

Our base price includes the top itself, installation, six led lights on a dimmer switch, the padded bed, the boards that you may need to sleep on (the larger we make the opening to the top, the more bed boards).  All our electrical will be hooked into the car battery unless your conversion includes a separate battery system.

Interior FAQ's
If I have a passenger van, what about my heat/AC vents?

We try to retain ceiling vents if possible.  Specifically what we are able to do depends on the year, make and model of your van.  Often keeping rearward ceiling vents is impossible due to side curtain airbags.  If you have questions, we will try to predict what can be done as best as possible at the time you drop off you van, however unforeseen changes in van design by the manufacturers and a number of other factors make it impossible to predict placement, delivered air pressures and the amount of vents we can ultimately retain.

How much time does it take to do a custom interior?

Actual time can vary based on the extend of your interior project, but expect to leave the van with us for four to five weeks.

What types of things can you do on my interior?

We insulate, sound dampen and add walls, ceiling and flooring (choices of several types).  We can add windows, cabinetry, convertible bed and seating, heat, power, solar, kitchens, toilets --- pretty much anything you can imagine for your van.

Can you do interior work on a passenger model van with side air bags?

Yes, we can.  However we leave the air bags alone and in tact, so side curtain air bags can prevent us from installing upper cabinetry.  We can put a pop top on a van with side curtain air bags.

How much should I budget for an interior build?

Builds can vary widely, of course.  A small but nice project will be about $12,500, while a full build with 100v power, air conditioning, heat and hot water can run $35,000 or more.  Things like solar and 110v power, climate control, full windows, and custom cabinetry can quickly increase the cost.

What will a pop top or custom interior do to resale value?

Generally speaking, a well thought out interior, especially when combined with a pop top, will increase the resale value of your van.  You have taken the time to manage the project, make the decisions and purchase the vehicle, and your time is worth a premium.

How do I get my van to you?

If you are purchasing from a local dealer, they should be able to ship it free to the Loveland or Fort Collins dealer and then we can pick it up for you.  Otherwise, there are various shippers, or you can drive it to us and fly home out of Denver airport, about 50 minutes from our facility. Give us a call if you need options on getting to and from DIA.

How far in advance can I bring my van, how long after you are done can I pick it up?

You are welcome to bring the van in advance of our needing it, and keep it at our facility until it is convenient for you to pick it up.  We require all balances to be paid in full upon completion of work, but you are welcome to leave your van with us until it is convenient for you to pick it up.  All our parking and check in fees are waived upon final payment of the estimate your deposit was placed against.  Otherwise, parking fees are $50/day and there is a one time vehicle check in fee of $200.

How do I get my vehicle on your schedule?

To get on our schedule, give us a call and we can discuss your specific project and timeline. Then we will send you a quote based on your needs/wants.  With a 50%, non refundable deposit we can put you on our schedule. 

Do you sell base vehicles or fully converted vans?

No, we do not resell vehicles. However, sometimes we can put you in touch with a seller.

Are you using Lithium Ion Batteries?

The majority of our builds use AGM batteries for power supply needs.  We can install LIFE batteries (lithium iron phosphate) if desired, but these are a more expensive option.  AGM batteries have a wider functional temperature range than the LIFE, but the LIFE will have a longer functional lifespan. 

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