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Cabinet Laminates

We stock select materials to save us time and save you some cash!

(custom laminates available on request)

Wilsonart Portico Teak - web.jpg

Portico Teak

Phantom Charcoal - web.jpg

Phantom Charcoal

Carbon Mesh - web.jpg

Carbon Mesh

White Driftwood - web.jpg

White Driftwood

Boardwalk Oak - web.jpg

Boardwalk Oak

Graphite Nebula - web.jpg

Graphite Nebula


Same deal! We use Solid Surface materials that look great, are low maintenance and hold up to whatever the outdoors can throw at them.

(other finishes and butcher block still available on request)

Whisper White - web.jpg

Whisper White

Tumbled Stone - web.jpg

Tumbled Stone

Steel Grey Tempest - web.jpg

Steel Grey Tempest

Flint Rock - web.jpg

Flint Rock

Midnight Melange - web.jpg

Midnight Melange

Quarry Melange - web.jpg

Quarry Melange


Tough. Durable. Flexible. Everything you need inside to stand up to the great outdoors

(additional patterns available on request)

Tapestry Iron Gate.jpg

Tapestry Greystone

Tapestry Cinders.jpg

Tapestry Cinders

Tapestry Taupe.jpg

Tapestry Taupe

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