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Focus on the necessities with this van

build-out meant for a "live simply"travel style.


  • Pop-top w/ arctic canvas kit (insulation)

  • Vent fan w/ remote 

  • Yakima tracks roof rails​

  • Dual capacity battery system

  • Pop-top USB port



  • Interior wall kit finished w/ gray carpet

  • Two main-body windows

  • Swivel seat bracket

  • Removable dining table w/ pedestal

  • Full van insulation

  • Additional 12-volt outlet or USB port

  • Bed or seating solution

    • bench-bed combo OR

    • ERA double captain seat OR

    • rear adjustable bed


Added on from Level 2:

Add on options:

  • Paint match

Build Time (approx.) - 4-6 weeks

Cost - Call for pricing

High Top Van Option (exclude pop-top)

Cost - Call for pricing

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