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Ford E-Series

Model Years 1992 or newer

Ford E-Series vans are the only vans we have two top styles for.  Either the high-top, seen below right, or the mid-top, seen below left. The base price of either top is $15,767 for regular body vans,  $17,785 for extend body vans.  


All pop tops feature electronic lift system, finished ceiling with 6 lights on a dimmer and remote, usb port at head of bed and 3" foam bed pads with soft, washable fabric covers.  See "Pop Top FAQ's" for more information.

                                                                                          Mid Top         High Top

Floor to pop top, top down (interior head room):             60"                  68"

Finished floor to bed boards (when bed in place):           51"                  51"

Top of bed to ceiling (sleeping berth head room):           40"                  40"


Bed size in all van models and sizes:     54" x 80"

                                                                                       Reg Body Van        Ext Body  

Opening size (standard ceiling opening):                       48" x 48"              48" x 48"

Opening size (full/extended ceiling opening):               48" x 79"              48" x 98"


Pop top openings begin just behind the drivers seat.  In a full roof cut out they extend to about 34" from the rear doors.  In a standard cut out, the rear of the pop top opening is adjacent to the rear of the side doors.          

Ford E-Series Dimensions
Full cut stacked chevy caption.png

                                     Mid Height vs. High Pop Top Shell

About 90% of our customers go with the high shell.  While the mid shell gives a lower over van height, and a sleeker visual profile, customers like the extra interior height (when in the down position) the high shell provides.  Also, the high shell creates a 14" high storage space above the bed and over the drivers cabin when the top is down.

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