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...Since 2009

We believe a life filled with adventure is a life well-lived.

Colorado Camper Van makes adventure accessible by providing varying levels of van build–outs for differing lifestyles and budgets. Our vans are an investment in both the tangible and intangible qualities of life: own a van, gain the memories that make life rich.


We can put a pop top on your low, mid or high roof van!

Check Out Our Complete Offering

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Pop-top only

Basic Interior

Two to Four

Lots to store

The place to sit and talk about

the days great  adventures

Want More Options ?

Our Work

Our work


Our Story

Colorado Camper Van began its journey in 2009—

Just a wee sapling of an idea nestled in a Big Thompson Canyon garage, where what began as a personal challenge to build a better pop-top quickly turned into a full-blown business. Word of the new design spread and customers started to pile up. In 2012, the floods put a wrench in the growing business, stranding vans in the canyon, and cutting off access to the workshop. An effort to extract them went underway, navigating the vans through a 28-mile network of flooded dirt roads. The forced move and growing customer list inspired Derek’s decision to set up shop in a larger Loveland shop, which lasted until 2016 when CCV outgrew even that space. Colorado Camper Van now operates in a 14,000 sq. ft. Loveland, CO warehouse, far from its beginnings, but staying true to its homegrown roots. 

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